SD Public Utilities Commission



Grain Warehouse and Buyers Bonding Program

The South Dakota Grain & Feed Association is pleased to offer Grain Warehouse and Grain Buyer bonds. Help support the Association by purchasing your bonds through us! We are licensed to provide bonds for South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Montana and North Dakota.

The SD Grain and Feed Association carries 85% of the state's grain warehouse bonds through A rated CNA Surety Corporation Group/Western Surety Company out of Sioux Falls, SD.

Are you new to the bonding process? Bonds are required by the SD Public Utilities Commission, the USDA, and other states in order to provide coverage in case something happens. The amount of bond coverage is determined by those entities, and usually accompanies licensing of your company to do business. Most of the requirements are established by state and federal laws and rules. There are two types generally, grain warehouse and grain buyer. Check out the links to the left for more information.